Jenni Simmonds

‘Oh, what a little sprite!’ – Stephen Fry

About Jenni

Jenni performs professionally as a soprano soloist across London and the rest of England, and has been lucky to work for an eclectic mix of companies, particularly within the world of Gilbert & Sullivan, where she is fast becoming recognised for her comic timing and quirky approach to traditional roles. A versatile vocalist, she also sings pop, folk and musical theatre. She plays the medieval harp and flute, both to an incredibly low standard. Jenni is a member of the Tolkien Society, a Hufflepuff, and can wiggle her ears.



If you would like Jenni to sing at your next celebration or event please get in touch.

Jenni is proud to be a member of the London Funeral Singers. Any enquiries for singing at funerals, whether as a soloist or leading congregational hymns, should be made through their website.

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